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Pirkanmaasoft RY Game Rules in English
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Every member attending Airsoft games held by Pirkanmaasoft must know these rules, member or not! The Game rules will be previewed before each game day, but make sure to read the rules in total beforehand.

1. Common rules

1.1. Protective equipment and required other equipment

Eye protection items allowed in Pirkanmaasoft Airsoft games:

- Paintball-masks
- Sansei mesh mask
- Ballistic safety glasses/goggles
- Other safety glasses, goggles and masks tested at the game site.

Make sure to test the durability of your eye protection equipment before attending the Airsoft games. Protective equipment may be tested before the games with the most powerful Airsoft Gun Replica at our disposal.
Words used to separate different types of eye protection:
Glasses= Lighter, and usually smaller protective equipment. (See ESS Crossbow or other similiar shooting glasses for reference) We advice using a neckband even with these types of glasses to minimize the risk of losing the glasses in the middle of an Airsoft match.
Goggles= Larger protective equipment, (See Skiing goggles for a reference.) Goggles are fitted with a non-removable neckband and usually host a larger lens, leaving little to no gaps between the goggles and facial bones.

Protective glasses may only be used by players over 18 years old without separate permits. Players aged 15-17 MUST have a written permission signed by their legal guardian to use glasses.

Armbands used to differentiate playing teams from each other are YELLOW and RED, accompanied by an ORANGE OR OTHER BRIGHTLY COLORED piece of fabric, to indicate the player is OUT OF GAME, whether via elimination, being a viewer or other reason.

Armband placement: If you are a right-handed shooter, wear the armband on the left arm. If left-handed, wear the armband on the right arm. Armband should be held primarily on the arm you grip the barrel-end of the gun with. It is allowed and recommended to wear an armband on both arms to avoid confusion. Using the bright orange fabric to indicate being OUT OF GAME is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

1.2. Airsoft Gun Replica Minimum Engage Distances and Muzzle Velocities

Airsoft Replicas capable of automatic fire are limited to 1,2 Joules (CQB-game sites, such äs Jättömaa, Lempäälä), or 1,7 Joules (More open game sites, such as Säres Center)
1,2 Joules measured with different BB weights amounts to the following velocities:

0,12 g: 142 m/s
0,20 g: 110 m/s
0,23 g: 103 m/s
0,25 g: 98 m/s
0,28 g: 93 m/s
0,30 g: 90 m/s
0,36 g: 82 m/s
0,43 g: 75 m/s

1,7J Measured with different BB weights amounts to the following velocities:

0,12 g: 168 m/s
0,20 g: 130 m/s
0,23 g: 122 m/s
0,25 g: 117 m/s
0,28 g: 110 m/s
0,30 g: 103 m/s
0,36 g: 97 m/s
0,43 g: 89 m/s

Self-loading Direct Marksman Rifles, with no possibility of other fire modes than semi-automatic have a maximum velocity of 2,25J. Measured with different BB weights amounts to the following velocities:

0,12 g: 194 m/s
0,20 g: 150 m/s
0,23 g: 140 m/s
0,25 g: 134 m/s
0,28 g: 126 m/s
0,30 g: 122 m/s
0,36 g: 112 m/s
0,43 g: 102 m/s

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles have a maximum velocity of 3J. Measured with different BB weights amounts to the following velocities:

0,12 g: 223 m/s
0,20 g: 173 m/s
0,23 g: 161 m/s
0,25 g: 155 m/s
0,28 g: 146 m/s
0,30 g: 141 m/s
0,36 g: 129 m/s
0,43 g: 118 m/s

Different weapon types listed above have different Minimum Engagement Distances, which MUST BE RESPECTED AT ALL TIMES. Not following these rules may lead to serious safety issues, and the player found quilty of not following the rules will be subjected to temporary bans to Pirkanmaasoft Airsoft games.
Airsoft Replicas capable of automatic fire and pistols with a maximum velocity of 1,2 Joules do not have a Minimum Engagement Distance.

Self-loading Direct Marksman Rifles and lower-powered Bolt Action Sniper Rifles with a velocity of 1,2 Joules - 2,25 Joules: Minimum Engagement Distance of 20 METERS.

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles with a velocity of 2,25 Joules - 3 Joules: Minimum Engagement Distance of 30 METERS.

It is recommended to use only semi-automatic fire with small distances. With Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles it is more than recommended to carry with you a sidearm with a maximum velocity of less than 1,2 Joules for Close-Quarter Combat.

1.3. Special Weapons and how to use them

Both Gas/Spring powered, and fake grenades are allowed for use at Pirkanmaasoft Airsoft games. Fake grenades must replicate a real-life grenade, and must be approved by a Game Master ONCE. If the Game Master approves the grenade, it may be used in the upcoming Pirkanmaasoft Airsoft Games without a separate approval. When throwing the grenade with an underhand technique, the player must yell Grenade! before tossing the grenade at low height into the targeted room.

Pyrotechnical grenades, and rubber- or foam-tipped shootable grenades are only allowed on a case-by-case basis. Always ask the Game Master before planning to use these types of Airsoft grenades.

Grenades shot by a separate Launcher, or underbarrel rifle grenade Launcher are allowed. Every non-normal grenade must be approved by the Game Master before use. BB hits shot by the grenade eliminate the Player normally, unless otherwise stated by the Game Master.

Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike MUST be used with a Minimum Engagement Distance of 10 METERS.

Players are allowed to carry a rubber or otherwise elastic boffer knife for silent eliminations. ALL EQUIPMENT MEANT FOR SUCH ACTION MUST BE APPROVED BY THE GAME MASTER. A Player is silently eliminated by touching the target with your hand or an approved Airsoft ''knife'' mentioned before, and saying the words KNIFE or PUUKKO. A Player eliminated in such a way acts normally as an eliminated Player would, but without calling HIT or OSUMA loudly.

A protective shield must resemble a real-life ballistic shield, with a maximum size of 120cmx60cm. Shield may NOT BE made from a see-through-material, but it may have a see-through window with a maximum size of 10cmx30cm.
Only a pistol is allowed as a sidearm when using a protective shield. The pistol may be shot only in combination with aiming using the small window in the shield, and making aimed shots through the pistols sights. The shield is personal, and may only be used by ONE player per match. The shield may be destroyed by an enemy Player with a grenade, or by touching the shield. The player using the shield is eliminated normally with BB hits. When the shield is destroyed, it may not be used again during the same match.

All home-made or DIY-style weapons and equipment must be approved by the Game Master before playing.

1.4. Responsibility

Each and every Player is responsible for their own equipment before, during and after the Airsoft games. If a situation arises in which a Player provably and without a doubt causes physical or material damage to another Player or their equipment, the damage must be repaired in a way approved by every participating member of the situation. If you find equipment on the Game Site (magazines, Airsoft Replicas or their parts, pouches etc.), it is your responsibility to deliver them to the Game Master.

1.5. Attitude

Always keep in mind the non-serious and playful aspect of the hobby. If you are reminded of the playing rules listed here, do not be offended. It is in everyones best interest to help each other play fairly, and to learn from our mistakes, whether they are made by the Players or the Game Masters. If you get in a disagreement, stay calm and try to talk things out together, or with the assistance of a Game Master. These rules are made with the best interest and safety of the Players and the Game site in mind. Also remember to be respectful of each other, and avoid all hostile contacts in and out of game.

1.6. Intoxication

Intoxicating substances and Airsoft do not belong together. Alcohol and other intoxicating substance usage during or before the games is absolutely prohibited. To avoid misconceptions, having empty or filled alcohol containers is prohibited in the Game Site altogether. Smoking is allowed only in the places allowed for such usage. If you are uncertain of the placement, ask the Game Master.

1.7. Sharp Objects or Edged Weapons

During an Airsoft match in-carry edged weapons, such as knives, must be appropriately covered in such a way as not to cause danger to the person carrying the object or other Players.

1.8. Starting Briefing

Before starting the official Pirkanmaasoft RY Airsoft matches for the day, a starting briefing is held, in which game rules, possible changes, situational events and current Pirkanmaasoft news are reviewed. Every Player is obligated to attend the briefing.

2. During the Match

2.1. Safety Hazards

If a dangerous situation happens in-game, Players noticing or being a part of the situation must shout STOP THE GAME or PELI SEIS immediately . Every Player is OBLIGATED to use the "STOP THE GAME or PELI SEIS!", or repeat them if hearing them in-game. When the game is paused after such an event, Players should stop all movement, aim their gun at the ground or other safe direction, until the situation is cleared by the Game Masters . When the situation has been cleared, the game continues with ''PELI KÄY or GAME ON'', or ''PELI OHI or GAME OFF'', depending on the situation. In both cases the shouts are to be repeated.

STOP THE GAME or PELI SEIS should be shouted in in situations such as, but not limited to:

- People not related to the Airsoft event in any way arriving at the Game Site. The outsiders will be notified of the ongoing event, and asked calmly to leave the Game Site.
- An accident that requires more thorough care, that happens on the Game Site, IN-GAME area or OFF-GAME area.
- You or a team mate/enemy player loses or otherwise makes their eye protection equipment unusable without the increased risk of facial or bodily harm.
- Other dangerous situations, such as someone sinking in water and unable to get on land, a fire from thrown smoke grenades etc.

To avoid additional dangerous situations, BLINDFIRING IS PROHIBITED. The Player must always see where their gun barrel is pointing and where the BBs fly.

2.2. Game Start

The Match starts when both teams have made it clear they are ready to begin, such as with the ''VALMIS or READY''-shout. EYE SAFETY EQUIPMENT IS ALWAYS PUT ON BEFORE MOVING ON THE IN-GAME SITE, AND WILL REMAIN ON AT ALL TIMES DURING OR BETWEEN MATCH ROUNDS, WHEN MOVING IN THE IN-GAME AREA. When both teams are ready, the Match may be started with the ''PELI KÄY or GAME ON''-shout. This arrangement can change based on the game mode in question.

2.3. Taking part in a Match 

Use common sense and compassion on the Game Field. If you are sure you have a clear shot on an enemy Player, no need to empty your whole magazine on the Player, in most cases no more than 2 BBs is needed.
All physical contact, (not including a Silent Elimination) is prohibited on the Game Site. If you are certain you hit the enemy Player with your BBs, but they do not register it, shoot again. The BBs used by Airsoft Replicas are very light and small, and often the hit Player just does not notice they have been hit, especially if they are moving. Shooting through holes smaller than your head is PROHIBITED. But in the case you want to, the Player must remain outside of touching distance of the hole.

2.4. Eliminated Player

When eliminated, you must remember the following:

- Make sure the shooter notices you have been hit, with a loud ''HIT or OSUMA''-shout. Acting realistically is also encouraged.
- Keep your eye protection on at all times. Even in the OFF-GAME area, if there is an ongoing Match.
- Remove your magazine from your Airsoft Replica.
- Make a few empty shots after removing your magazine to make sure the Replica barrel and hop-up unit are empty of BBs.
- Put the fire selector of your Airsoft Replica on SAFETY.
- Take out your BRIGHT ORANGE or other brightly colored fabric and make it noticeable. If you are yet to acquire one, holding out your arm above your head is most commonly a sign of an eliminated Player.
- Do not interrupt a possible ongoing fire fight. Remain stationary, even lay down if needed and wait for the situation to clear out. Then make your way to the OFF-GAME area. (Or a Respawn site, depending on the game mode.)

2.5. Game Off

When it has been decided that the other team has been eliminated, the game object has been successfully completed or a set timer has ended, the shout ''GAME OFF or PELI OHI'' will be used. Every Player is required to repeat the shout. Afterwards move to the OFF-GAME area and prepare for the next Match.

3. Off-GAME area

When arriving at the OFF-GAME area, the Player must check the following:

- The Replica fire selector is on SAFETY.
- There is no magazine inserted in the Replica.
- Keep your fingers outside the trigger guard.
- The Replica barrel and hop-up unit have been emptied of BBs. The empty shots MUST be shot in a safe direction towards the IN-GAME area, with every other Player in the vicinity wearing their eye safety equipment.
- Eye safety equipment will be worn at all places, when there is an ongoing Match, even in the OFF-GAME area.
- Your Airsoft Replica hop-up can be modified only between rounds and only in a place specified for it.
- During a Match there will be no shooting in the OFF-GAME or the hop-up adjustment area, to minimize distractions for the Players in the IN-GAME area.

3.1. Preparing for a Match

To fit as many game Matches in a single game day, remember to take care of preparing for a Match, such as reloading your magazines, drinking and eating.
4. Game Site-specific additions

Make sure to check the Game-Site-specific info, such as Joule limits and special rules beforehand.